Facts And Myths

Millions of people are infected with STDs. They come from all walks of life, all ages, and all corners of the globe. Nobody is immune from these diseases but it is possible to avoid them by learning as much as possible about transmission. There are so many myths that continue to pass as common knowledge. These are unhelpful as they either spread unnecessary fear or inadequately protect people from harm. Below are some facts from the American Sexual Health Association:

1. HIV does not spread through mosquito bites.

By now, most people know that HIV is a blood-borne infection. We have been warned that sharing needles as in drug injections and laboratory examinations can result in transmission. Because of this, there is a fear that perhaps mosquitoes and other insects that draw blood from us may spread the virus around an area. The good news is that this has proven to be untrue in several studies that were conducted by the Center for Disease Control. They have gone to communities where the number of infections in the population were high but have not found a direct correlation to insect bites.

2. HIV can be acquired while getting tattoos.

One confirmed way of transmission is through the unhygienic use of piercing tools. For example, a person who walks into a tattoo and piercing parlor should check their practices. Are they mindful of cleanliness and hygiene? Do they use new needles for every customer or use the same thing over and over again? Their equipment penetrates the skin and gets in contact with blood. If someone has a blood-borne disease, then this could be passed on to the next unfortunate customer.

3. STDs can spread without oral sex.

Some of the trepidation when it comes to oral sex stems from the fears that it will result in the transmission of STDs. It is true that some diseases can spread this way including oral herpes. If someone has this condition and they perform oral sex on their partner, then there is a high chance that their partner’s genital area will be infected. However, this is not the only way that diseases are passed on from one individual to the next. Other bodily fluids can contain virus and bacteria.

4. Herpes does not spread through toilet seats.

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Its main way of spreading is through direct skin contact. You will have to bump into an infected person for you to get this STD. There are fears that sharing a toilet is enough to get it as their skin might leave unwanted residues but this has not been proven. For more information about STDs, go to Health Host and read their advice.

Benefits Of A Home Test Kit

If you are sexually active, you will definitely want to get tested for STDs. This is especially if you have multiple partners. There are so many different types of STDs and STIs out there these days and yes, they are very contagious. So get tested and be safe rather than sorry. However, for most people, this is easier said than done. Some people are intimidated by going to a public clinic and being tested. They are either intimidated by what the nurses are going to say about them, or they are scared that others around them will find out what they are there for. Irrespective of what the reasons are, lots of people shy away from STD testing.

STD Home Testing Kits

Nowadays, there are STD kits that you can use at home. There are several reasons as to why this kit was designed. However, the most important reason is that one-third of Americans are currently living with STDs. This information is as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The other reason is that due to the fear of intimidation, many people who suspect they may have an STD shy away from clinics and therefore forfeit the medication, help, and support they need to get through it. Now with at home STD test kits, you can get yourself tested in the privacy of your own home. No more fear of intimidation and what people are saying. It is completely private and can be done anywhere.

Lab Certified Results

The results you get from the home testing kits are of the same accuracy as the results you would get from a doctor or clinic. The manufacturers of the test itself are reputable top-tier manufacturers based in the United States, so rest assured that each STD testing kit is of the highest quality and accuracy.

A simple process

Early detection of STDs can save lives, which is why the entire STD home test process has been streamlined. The main aim of these tests is to empower and educate people about sexual health. It is also designed to help people take control of their sexual health. So you will notice that every step of the process is made as simple and painless as possible.

When you buy an STD home test kit, you not only get the convenience and privacy of taking the test anywhere you want, but you also get lab certified results and access to professional STD counselors.

Getting tested with your partner is recommended. Even if you are in a monogamous relationship for years, you can never truly be 100% sure that you are safe, unless you get tested. It is always best to know what each partner has contributed to the relationship. While you may be totally faithful to your partner, never take it for granted that they are just as faithful. Anything could happen at any time and you need to be sure that you are sexually healthy. One very shocking truth is that there are some STDs that do not show symptoms for years. This means that you could be infected, but there are no symptoms. Since there are no symptoms the only way of knowing that you have an STD is by having yourself tested.

Some STD display symptoms within a few days of contracting it, however, there are those STDs that don’t display symptoms for a long time. However, they are still doing their damage internally. This is a serious matter and many people have actually died as a result of contracting STDs. So instead of shying away from the process, why not purchase these home testing kits and have your sexual health evaluated. Sexual intercourse with your partner will feel so much better once you know that you are the epitome of sexual health. This may also increase your libido and performance in the bedroom. However, if you do test positive for any STD, there are many resources offered to you so you and your partner can both get through this.

Testing with each other in the comfort of your home may be a bonding experience for you both. It could actually bring you closer together and strengthen the relationship. The act of getting tested together is basically a trust enhancing or reinforcing act as it lets each other know that you have nothing to hide.

These test kits are completely anonymous as well. So if you would like to test with your partner, you can always get or send them a gift card.

How To Pass

Nowadays, employers and law enforcement agencies are using all kinds of drug-detection systems to determine whether people have drugs in their bodies. Sometimes, as with vehicle operators and those in dangerous jobs, tests are necessary and to be expected.

But what about employers who routinely collect private data from their workers in an unethical manner? In cases like these, employees need to know how to defeat unnecessary and inappropriate drug tests. Many consumers wonder, “Does powdered urine really work? and want to learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test 2018.

Powdered Urine Tests Can Work

Several retail versions of powdered urine are available online. Most are effective in beating a drug test but the biggest challenge is in concealing the urine and getting it into the drug testing room.

It’s best to mix the powdered urine at home with warm water and store it in a very secure bag someone on your body, preferably between your legs or under your arms. That will help keep it warm and ready to submit to the testers.

Note that if you are caught trying to smuggle fake urine into a test, it could mean the loss of a job or the loss of a job possibility. However, most of the powdered urine is 100 percent clean and appears genuine to testing machines, so as long as you can get it into the testing area, you’re good to go!

Hair Follicle Tests Can Be Defeated

Hair follicle tests are another matter, and take a bit of planning. These tests can detect, among other things, THC that has been in the bloodstream for a 90-day time period. One way to “defeat” the test is to shave all the hair off your body. Sadly, this method will cause you to receive a “failure” score from employers who assume you are just trying to beat the test by removing all your hair.

A good home remedy is to use one cup of liquid detergent on your hair. Rub it vigorously into your hair and let it sit there for about 5 minutes. Do this two or three times per day for about one week and most, if not all, of the drug traces, will be removed from your hair. After doing this home remedy, purchase a home-test hair follicle drug kit to make sure you’ve done everything correctly.

Passing Testing

Drug testing in learning institutions and workplaces can be done to discourage people from using banned substances or getting intoxicated during work hours. Those that are found to be under the influence are issued with a stern warning or punished in one way or another. The essence of drug testing is not to punish people but rather to discourage use of substances that may cause complications. If you are guilty of using any banned substance and learn of an impending test there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of passing.

Find out the type of test to be done

Drug tests are done by taking samples of a given specimen from individuals. This may include hair follicles, saliva, urine or blood. To boost your chances of testing negative you should try and find out the type of test that will be done. Once you have this information you can be able to prepare using the right tools and steps.

Drink plenty of water

Regardless of the type of test that is about to take place drinking plenty of water is likely to increase your chances of testing negative. This is because your body functions optimally if you have sufficient amounts of water in the system. It is also worth noting that the more water you drink the more you will pass urine and this is one way your body gets rid of toxins.

Stop using the substance

Immediately you learn about an impending test it is prudent for you to stop using the banned substance. Some drugs may stay active in your system for a few days while others can last up to weeks. Avoiding further use of the substance allows your body to get rid of the residue that is already in the system.

Use commercial cleansing kits

There are a number of commercial cleansers that are available for sale. If you are about to go through a hair follicle test you should consider getting more information from hairfollicledrugtest2018.com. This website contains helpful information on the steps you can take to boost your chances of passing this type of test.

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