Nowadays, employers and law enforcement agencies are using all kinds of drug-detection systems to determine whether people have drugs in their bodies. Sometimes, as with vehicle operators and those in dangerous jobs, tests are necessary and to be expected.

But what about employers who routinely collect private data from their workers in an unethical manner? In cases like these, employees need to know how to defeat unnecessary and inappropriate drug tests. Many consumers wonder, “Does powdered urine really work? and want to learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test 2018.

Powdered Urine Tests Can Work

Several retail versions of powdered urine are available online. Most are effective in beating a drug test but the biggest challenge is in concealing the urine and getting it into the drug testing room.

It’s best to mix the powdered urine at home with warm water and store it in a very secure bag someone on your body, preferably between your legs or under your arms. That will help keep it warm and ready to submit to the testers.

Note that if you are caught trying to smuggle fake urine into a test, it could mean the loss of a job or the loss of a job possibility. However, most of the powdered urine is 100 percent clean and appears genuine to testing machines, so as long as you can get it into the testing area, you’re good to go!

Hair Follicle Tests Can Be Defeated

Hair follicle tests are another matter, and take a bit of planning. These tests can detect, among other things, THC that has been in the bloodstream for a 90-day time period. One way to “defeat” the test is to shave all the hair off your body. Sadly, this method will cause you to receive a “failure” score from employers who assume you are just trying to beat the test by removing all your hair.

A good home remedy is to use one cup of liquid detergent on your hair. Rub it vigorously into your hair and let it sit there for about 5 minutes. Do this two or three times per day for about one week and most, if not all, of the drug traces, will be removed from your hair. After doing this home remedy, purchase a home-test hair follicle drug kit to make sure you’ve done everything correctly.